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Installation on 2008 Server 64Bit Fails


I have compiled the snap in both "Debug" and "Release" mode. When I run the installation executable, it fails. The debug version says that the .Net Business Connector 5.0 must be installed (It is). The release version says that Word 12.0 must be installed. This computer has MS Office 2007 Professional (English) installed. What could be causing this error? It seems as though it does some of the install, because after the installation fails and then I go into Word or Excel, I see the "snap" tab on the office ribbon in the applications, but it just doesn't work.


tompat wrote Jul 6, 2009 at 10:45 PM

For some reason, the check in the registry is failing to recognize the presence of of the Office registry keys. We are investigating why this is the case. In the mean-time to get Snaps installed on 64bit environments, you can alter the check at setup by changing the return value of the RunDepndencyCheck method in Utils.cs file of the AXWave2Setup project. If you force return "true" from that method, the install should succeed.

We will look for a root cause here, but please let us know if this helps in the meantime.

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